Caos Art Gallery, Venezia, dal 14 giugno al 15 luglio, 2013

Gunter Pusch - Random alla Caos Art Gallery di Venezia

Gunter Pusch – RANDOM

Caos Art Gallery, Venezia
A cura di Daniella P. Bacigalupo

The idea of a random combination of nature and technology converges in a new integration of differing lives, different species, cells and birds, humans and plants, where motors and abstract structure might be constant in the background.

Pusch takes with a new language art into an allegory on nature.

From fine art to natural science, the artist steals, misinterprets, appropriates and destabilizes ideas and concepts from science, technology sometimes celebrating it, or causing sometimes disruptions with the process and introducing creative and random imbalances

14 giugno, 2013 alle 18:30

dal 15 giugno al 15 luglio, 2013

Caos Art Gallery

La redazione di liveinitalia ringrazia Gunter Pusch per averci segnalato l’evento.